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What is Driving Direct Mail 2003

In our work we have seen a variety of initiatives, but we have found it difficult
to compare markets and identify what is working and what is not. In this
context, we commissioned "What is Driving Direct Mail 2003". 

Thanks to the help of the postal services, and industry leaders we have learned a lot about best practices around the world.


Historically Mail volumes have grown year after year. Unfortunately, while direct mail volumes have been growing, direct mail's share of total media spending has fallen dramatically. 

Some blame e-mail and the Internet for the decline in direct mail; however,
many industry experts believe these new media have actually generated
more mail than they have replaced.

Around the world direct mail has developed in a variety of ways.

In some countries direct mail accounts for over half of all advertising spending.
In others, Direct Mail is struggling to survive. 

Direct Mail is a powerful medium, and the potential for growth is huge. What we need to find out is what can be done to drive future growth. 

The Challenge ... finding reliable information to make business decisions

Despite the size and importance of the direct mail industry around the world, there is little data which can be compared across markets. This makes it difficult to identify what is working where and why. 

In this research we identified which countries have been successful in developing their direct mail markets and why. . 

The largest research study of its kind . . .

We have combined data from all the following sources to help learn more about what is driving mail volumes.

  • Mail volumes and market data from the Universal Postal Union,
  • Media spending from the World Advertising Research Centre,
  • Economic data from the World Bank, OECD, The PENN world tables and other sources
  • Data supplied through surveys returned by the local Direct Marketing Associations/ National postal services in the following countries

1 Algeria, 2 Argentina, 3 Austria, 4 Bangladesh, 5 Belgium, 6 Brazil, 7 Canada, 8 China, 9 Cyprus, 10 Denmark, 11 Eritrea , 12 Finland, 13 France, 14 Germany, 15 Gibraltar, 16 Greece, 17 Hong Kong, 18 Iceland, 19 Indonesia, 20 Israel, 21 Italy, 22 Jersey, 23 Kenya, 24 Lithuania, 25 Luxembourg, 26 Macao, 27 Mauritius, 28 Moldovei, 29 Morocco, 30 Nepal, 31 New Zealand, 32 Norway, 33 Poland, 34 Singapore, 35 Slovakia, 36 South Africa, 37 Suriname , 38 Switzerland , 39 Tanzania, 40 The Netherlands, 41 Trinidad & Tobago, 42 Tunisia, 43 United Arab Emirates, 44 United States , 45 Uruguay, 46 Zambia

The primary data for this research has now been collected.  If you would like to sign up to receive copies of the research reports go to: Newsletter

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