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Would you like to know more about what can be done to build mail volumes and the data business ? Here are a few articles and presentations that you might find interesting

New Presentations/ reports added February 12

Rating the National Postal Services
Benchmarking business results
Bryan Cassady, Postal Solutions
This report provides a rating of the 50 National Postal Services with the highest mail per capita.  This rating is based on: 1/. Business efficiency 2/. Strength of direct mail vs. alternative media 3/. Business growth and 4/. Financial results download report

Postal Benchmarking
Moving from “wait and see” to action

Patrick Van Lammeren E-BISS International
With mail volumes declining and costs rising, many of the national postal services can’t afford to “wait and see” They need to take action now. Benchmarking offers a good opportunity to get action started.  download article

To download these documents right click on the download link, then using "save target as" save the file to the location you want the file.  Note: With some browsers you will not be given this option, the file will simply open in a new window after downloading. Any issues downloading: send us an email with the title of the presentation, and we will send the file to you directly. To open the PDF files you need Adobe Acrobat.  Click here to download the program

More Articles, Presentations , and Reports

7 Keys to building profitable mail volumes.
What is driving direct mail volumes and what are key to building mail volumes
Copyright Postal Solutions 2003 download

The Impact of Address Systems on Mail Volumes
What is the relationship between postal code formats and address systems and mail volumes?  Copyright Postal Solutions 2003 download

Expected Mail Volumes vs. Actual Mail volumes 
How to evaluate current mail volumes around the world. 
Copyright Postal Solutions 2003 download

A Preference Service:
The first step to becoming an infomediary
There is an opportunity for many Postal Services to collect information from consumers and provide this information to advertisers.
Copyright Postal Solutions 2003 Download

Building Mail Volumes
What leading Mailers want (UK Study)
Copyright Postal Solutions 2003 download

Multichannel Messaging
An opportunity for growth as mail volumes decline

Copyright IBM 2003  download article

The future of Permission Marketing.
Copyright The Preference Service Ltd 2001

Building Profitable Mail Volumes By Investing In Consumer Data.
Copyright Postal Solutions 2002

The Coming Battle For Customer Information.
Copyright McKinsey Quarterly 1997 download

The New Infomediaries.
Copyright McKinsey Quarterly 1997 download

Putting permission in your marketing mix.
Copyright The Preference Service Ltd 2001 download

M&Ms: Quality of Service& Opportunities for improvement across Europe
Copyright Postal Solutions 2003 download

Case Study: The Interessebank Denmark.
 Copyright Post Denmark 2003 download

Direct Mail Development .The Postal Service: Leader Or Follower
Copyright Wegener DM 2003download

Getting to “yes”. Working together to improve efficiency and success
Copyright Postal Solutions 2003 download

Copyright: Postal Solutions 2003